Refer A Soldier For A Pillow

If you would like a pillow sent to a soldier you know or to a fallen soldier's spouse/family, please complete the form below.

    • All information boxes must be filled in before the form can be submitted.

    • We use this information for delivery confirmation purposes only.

Note: Pillows For Soldiers policy is to send pillows to soldiers individually on a first referred, first served basis in bulk i.e. 10 to 50 pillows at a time, dependent on funds available.

To have pillows shipped immediately to a specific soldier the following is required:

1. Make a minimum donation of $105 for each soldier requested. This allows PFS to send 2 more pillows to other soldiers. The cost for us to send one pillow in protective bag individually to a soldier, with pillow case and honor message is $35 

Example: You donate $210 and supply PFS shipping info (see #3 below) to 2 soldiers. 4 other pillows will be shipped to soldiers in our database.

2. Send an email to indicating your donation and the U.S. shipping info of the soldier(s). This is a must. If no email is sent, we will never know your intentions.

3. Enter all the data in the form below and submit it for each soldier.

    • If you would like refer more than one soldier, simply fill out the form as many times as you need.

    • If you want a pillow shipped to a soldier who is out of the country, please give us a U.S. address of the family of the soldier, so they can make sure the soldier receives their pillow upon their return home.

Please Note: We can not ship to APO addresses or P.O. Boxes at this time.

We want to make sure we can deliver pillows to all the soldiers you request. We rely solely on the generosity of the American people, and people all over the world. If you are making a request for a pillow for a Soldier, please consider making a donation by clicking on the donation link after you submit this form, or you can click the link below. We can only send pillows to our Soldiers if the funds are available. Thank You in advance for your generosity! Unlike many not for profit organizations, 100% of all direct donated funds to PSF goes to sending pillows to soldiers. All other expenses are paid out of pocket by the founder, including web site, travel, etc. costs and any costs outside our mission of sending "Thank you for your service" pillows to soldiers. PFS has no employees, the founder takes no salary or compensation and will never do so.

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